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Beams reveals ‘awkwardness’ over getting captaincy from Rockliff

Tom Rockliff leading the Lions off the ground after a loss in 2016. (Pic: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

New Brisbane Lions captain Dayne Beams has opened up about receiving the role from previous head Tom Rockliff, who faced heavy scrutiny in the position last year.

The newly crowned Lions skipper spoke to EON Sports Radio’s The Home Turn about the ascendancy to the leadership and making sure he was there to work side-by-side with the former on-field leader.

“Naturally there is gonna be a little awkwardness around it, but Tom and I have both met and have spoken about supporting one another. And I think that’s the most important thing going forward. We left the room yesterday knowing that I was going to captain the club and I’m gonna need Tom’s support. I’m gonna call on Tom a lot through the year for guidance and support.”

“It’s been a really good process and really robust. We’ve come out of it with seven official leaders. But what we’ve been able to develop is a lot of guys who have shown really good quality and owning where the footy club is heading, so it’s a positive.”

Beams reflected on his growth as a leader, admitting that his place in the Collingwood leadership group in 2013 was purely off on-field results and that fatherhood has helped developed those qualities.

“When I was at Collingwood, I was in the leadership group in 2013 and that was probably off the back of my 2012 season. It probably wasn’t off my leadership qualities, so I learnt a lot that year. I wasn’t ever gonna put my hand up for a leadership role until I felt I was ready, and I spent the 2016 season in the Lions leadership group and I’ve learned a lot.”

“It’s probably come a bit off maturity, I’ve gotten married and had our first child, so that sort of stuff helps you smarten up a bit as well.”

When quizzed on his potential leadership style, Beams was adamant that actions spoke louder than words and that everyone would have “live” their messaging.

“I’m really passionate about the footy club and I think my style is going to be based around actions. I’ll say what I think I need to, but I think the most important thing is you back it up.”

“You can say all the words and I’ve been a lot of leadership programs before where a lot of it is words, and unless you live it it means nothing.”