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Former Eagle defends club culture

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March 7, 2017
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Recently retired West Coast utility Mitch Brown has defended Eagles CEO Trevor Nisbett, former coach John Worsfold and former captain Darren Glass for turning around the club’s culture since he first arrived in 2006.

In response to today’s leaked report in Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Brown commended the three club leaders for their efforts in getting the Eagles’ culture back on track.

“You can’t change a culture overnight, but what those guys and what the players did in a short amount of time to change the culture, was just mind-blowing and amazing,” Brown told EON Sports Radio’s The Morning Rush.

“It’s been well-documented, the Eagles had a problem [with] its culture back in the mid-200s.

“From when I got there in 2006 … the club said enough is enough, we have to change it. A lot of it is not documented, but we went through a lot of workshops, soul-searching and guidance from a lot of good people who were able to change that culture.”

Listen to Mitch Brown’s full response on The Morning Rush below:

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