Cam & Big Rich for EON Sport

Cam & Big Rich for Breakfast

Monday – Friday 7am til 10am

Cam Luke and Richie Callander kick off your day with a blockbuster morning of sports thought. Listen to the boys go toe-to-to-toe every weekday morning on the big issues in sports, and don’t count on them agreeing on much. They’re ruthless, bold and never hold back a thought, so tune in to hear some exciting, robust discussion that will inform, entertain and most likely shock you. 

EON Sports Radio - The Lunch Box

Dan Lonergan for the Lunch Box

Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm

Dan Lonergan straightens us out after a chaotic morning, bringing together all the news from across the sporting globe. With 30+ years of experience, Dan chats to some of the best minds and voices in the sports world to ensure your daily news intake is well and truly fulfilled. The Lunch Box is always jam-packed, so you can be sure Dan has you covered for all the important sports updates.

EON Sports Radio - Final Bell

Jack Heverin for the Final Bell

Monday – Thursday 3pm til 6pm

Jack Heverin brings us home by wrapping up all the day’s major sports news on The Final Bell, alongside some special guests. Jack ensures you get all the big updates on your drive home, with some splashes of funny and engaging interviews. Be sure to catch Ollie Geale once an hour as he brings us up to date on the latest news, joins Jack for some chin-wagging and helps us bring some fun to interviews.

EON Sports Radio - The Sin Bin

Ollie Geale from the Sin Bin

Monday – Thursday 6pm til 7pm

Ollie Geale welcomes an evening programming with his quirky humour and wide range of guests. The Sin Bin is not for the faint-hearted and don’t expect it to be your typical sports program. From the best and worst haircuts to sports stars v animals, you’ll be well and truly entertained in Ollie’s hour of laughs.

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